Digital Radio App - 988 FM . Live . Replay . Rich Media - UX Design, Star Radio Group Project

I used to listen to radio during my childhood time, and I still remember those fantastic songs that played after midnight. More often than I stay up late for those songs, which had been given me a lot of inspiration for my creative work and soul.

The 988 radio app was one of my favorite projects during my career at The Star Media Group. I was honor to be recommended to lead the UX revamp on this project. Also, it allowed me to work with some amazing teams to make this possible. And below are some of the 988 radio app revamp features.

Does it sounds like a cool app? Let's give it a try if you enjoy listening to Chinese songs. It is now available to download on Google PlayStore -

It is always teamwork for every project that I involved, and I won't be able to achieve my design without the following peoples.

Swee Kim, who signed me up for this project. The 988 radio project team Bee Ay, Joo Li and many cool peoples from the radio. Angeline, the project manager who keeps track of the timeline. Snappymob, an external team that made my design alive.

Thanks for browsing. I hope you enjoy my work.